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Chiropractic treatment can provide the quick solution to your injury healing and help improve

your athletic performance.

Are you looking for an added edge over your competition?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care for all facets of your life. Our multi-disciplinary clinic offers a number of treatment options to help optimize your overall health.

Chiropractic treatment can provide the quick solution to your injury healing and help improve your athletic performance.

Struggling with osteoarthritis, tendonitis or simply chronic pain? IFC (Interferential Current) Muscle Therapy and Ultrasound Therapy are fantastic treatment options to get you back in the action.


Your chiropractor is the best healthcare professional to treat any condition related to the nervous system or the musculoskeletal system.



At Handley Chiropractic Clinic, it is our goal to provide a full service multi-diciplinary approach to the treatment
of your pain.


Many foot problems such as heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot (metatarsalgia) and general arch pain can be caused by problems with the foot structure.

We also offer contemporary Medical Acupuncture as a treatment adjunct to help you see the results you want.

Orthotics and orthopaedic footwear are great start to remedying Plantar Fasciitis, general foot pain or Metatarsalgia.

Bulging or herniated discs? Therapeutic Spinal Decompression might be the right treatment solution for you to help relieve your back, neck, arm or leg pain. This non-surgical, traction-based treatment relies the application of the computerized traction head along with Dr. Handley’s expertise to achieve its optimum effectiveness. Proper assessment & the use of programmed patterns of distraction and relaxation permits disc material to be pulled back within normal confines of the disc and allow healing to begin.

Dr. Handley also offers Cold + Low Level Laser Therapy, a revolutionary new treatment perfect for chronic & acute pain from inflamed conditions of the soft tissues and joints, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, back pain and sports injuries.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have. A chiropractor is the first step in helping you in achieve your health goals.

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At Handley Chiropractic Clinic, we now offer our patients the opportunity to print out our Patient Entrance Form, speeding up the consultation process and getting you back on track!

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