A balanced diet comprising of healthy and diverse foods is key to promoting good health.

After all, we are what we eat!

Research continues to prove that eating healthy food promotes good health and unhealthy food habits lead to a diseased body. Foods contain vital nutrients that aid our body’s metabolic function.

However, a lack of consumption of these nutrients or feeding upon the wrong kinds of food leads to an accumulation of toxins within the body, resulting in chronic diseases in the long run. A nutritious diet while ensuring overall well being, helps to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), reduces the risk of several debilitating diseases like cancer, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, osteoporosis and stroke. Thus a nutritious diet is important in the prevention and cure of various diseases.

This prevention can also be accompanied by nutritional supplements. It’s important to note, however, that supplements should never replace a balanced and nutritious diet, but merely enhance it. Dr. Handley recommends Metagenics, Douglas Labs and Adeeva supplements.

If you are interested in the information explained here and would like to know more, please make an appointment and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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