Your chiropractor is the best healthcare professional to treat any problem related to the nervous system or the musculoskeletal system. As long as the disorder is not genetic or infectious, a chiropractor can intervene, since the problem is frequently a non-invasive pathology that can be reversed quite naturally and treated without medication or surgery.

Chiropractors acquire professional skills by taking a 5-year university program – nearly 5,000 hours of academic courses in all. They learn to diagnose health problems through a combination of questionnaires, examinations, X-rays and lab tests. At the Handley Chiropractic Clinic, once Dr. Handley has reviewed a detailed medical history and physical exam, we will determine an appropriate personal course of care. We use a combination of therapies to help heal and restore your tissues to pre-injury status, including: advance soft tissue techniques, including Interferential Current Muscle and Ultrasound therapies, Medical Acupuncture to heal any irritated or inflamed nerves, gentle joint manipulation for spinal or other joint problems, stretching and strengthening rehabilitation programs. For those who prefer to avoid medication and surgery as much as possible, chiropractic care is the natural choice.

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